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Sunday, August 27, 2006

First Bath

The twins got their first bath at home today. They screamed their heads off, but were very relaxed and awake afterwards. Felix is the one with his hand in his mouth, and Lili is crying. They still have their umbilical cords, so they only get a sponge bath for now. Even though they are newborns, they still get their hair washed because they have so much of it! I was hoping they would have curly hair like Chone, but I guess she got it from her Dad, cause these babies have straight hair. After their bath we put them next to each other in thier crib and they looked at each other for a few seconds. I wonder if they each know who the other is? Chone says she wants a twin. I think it would be cool. What about Tia Mary and Josie, or Erika Darling and Pepe. Do they like having a twin and being a twin? I bet they do. I think someone else in the family will have twins, but who?


Tarun said...

thats Super Cute.
Good wishes and God Bless

Little old me! said...

They look so cute! They are probably asking eachother "what just happened?"

Anonymous said...

adorable! i cant wait to see the new babies. <3

Anonymous said...

I want twins!!