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Saturday, March 03, 2007

New Things

First they tried to drink from a cup. They both got it into thier mouths.

I had seen these bath tub seats on clearance for $16 each, and when I went to buy them, they rang up at only $6 each!! So I only paid $12 + tax, and they are $25 each at Babies R Us.
Felix was fine, but Lili just kind of sat thier and stared at Felix. (notice thier feet touching)

Then I straped on the booster seat to a chair at the dinner table and they tried it out. Felix loved it! Lili thought it was cool, but was wondering what she was in cause she couldn't see anything!


Anonymous said...

Lili looks totally Emo! :) ~pap

Little old me! said...
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Little old me! said...

Look at her she already beat Joey with the teeth, he only has 6. That is so cool how you got those bath chairs, I always wanted to get one but they are so expensive. They are so adorable.

Elissa L. said...

Why is Tio Javier holding Felix with his cup??