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Thursday, May 17, 2007


Lili was cracking up at Chone. Only Chone can make her laugh like this! Felix just watched Chone with a "sign here" sticker on his forehead.


Mercy Elaine said...

hahahahahahaha omg i watched this video like 10 times. i was laughing pretty hard. man its only been 2 days and i am already dying to see the twins. oh and good one chone with the berries and cream at the end there... lol

Mercy Elaine said...

oh... and felix the total dork with a sticker on his head and he could care less... lol

lili looks like betty in this video

Rocky's Mama said...

Lili has an infectious laugh! Love it!

Elissa L. said...

How cute is my Mama Bear! And Chone is like the best big sister/cosuin ever!

Little old me! said...

I just have to say that I was wtaching this video with Joey in my lao and he was busting up laughing and kept telling me "gin" which means again,he loved her little laugh! It's contagious!