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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Mother's Day

Since Luis is still on Mexico time, I got my Mother's Day present today. Luis is usually the guys who brings flowers home on Feb. 15th, or askes you what you want for your birthday and gets it, or has you pick out your own X-mas gift. So I was suprised when I got up to get Chone ready for school and went to the bathroom and I saw a red box with a gold ribbon on a note that said Happy Mother's Day (in spanish of course). I opened it and this is what it was! Chone, Felix, and Lili. They were all born in August, so they all have the same birthstone. I was very happy!
So Happy Mother's Day to all the Moms out there, especially my Mom, my sister Lisa, and my Mother-In-Law, Raquel, in Mexico!
Side story... Luis says that every year since he's been in the US, on Mother's Day, he can never get through the phone lines to call his Mom, since everyone is calling their Mom's in Mexico. Well this year he called during a break at work and actually got through! But no one answered the phone!!! So he left a message, and tried to call again through out the day, but of course couldn't get through the line!


Little old me! said...

Happy Mother's Day super Mom! I personally know what it is like to have a very predictsble-tell me what you want-no surprise kinda guy who always has no idea what to get me ever! So, Congrats that was a very sweet gift and hope he talks to his mom soon!