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Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Halloween was pretty mellow this year. Since the Phi didn't come, Chone went trick or treating with her Dad, step Mom, step cousin, and little brother, who was a boxer. She was Herminie from Harry Potter, but I didn't even get a picture of her.
Lili was a Bee (Chone's old costume)
Felix was a giraffe (Phi's old costume)
I like the stinger and tail on the costumes
Tio Miguel and Tia Mary were all dressed up, too!
We even saw Susy in her work appropriate costume.
The twins ate a little bit of candy, they got sticky from lollipops. As you can tell, Felix did not want that hood on.

Here are our pumpkins. Lisa made this one for the party...
I made this one for the party
I made this one for Halloween night.

The boys next door (my cousins Bubbs and Mikey) carved pumpkins with me. Bubbs and Tia Mary made a wolf howling, and Mikey made bats with a bell house. There was one big pumpkin left, but Luis didn't want to carve it. Maybe we can carve it for Thanksgiving.


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Are these the twins?!?

Dang, they grew up fast! So cute!!

Thanks for stopping by...I think Elissa is about my only faithful reader