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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Beyond Pist!!!!!!

It looks so bad I can't even take a picture of it to blog!
Tuesday night: Felix's hair was getting long and Luis wanted to cut it. I told him I wanted to grow it out and that he could cut around his ears and back only. He was like, "No, you don't comb it anyways. You don't even comb you hair!" (in spanish)
So I was like, "It's not up to you! It's up to me!"
Well I guess he didn't like that, so he took Felix to the bathroom to cut his hair. After a lot of screaming, he put him in the bath. I went to the bathroom to see his hair. I thought it would be all shorter, but still a little long. Well, I walked in, saw the top of his head and walked out! I was so pist!!!!!
He had shaved it with a ONE clip. Then I don't know what happened, but he had a few lines of shaved NO clip length in the front. WTF!?!
I didn't talk to Luis the rest of the night! I wanted to get back at him, so when he went to sleep, I shaved Lili's head!
So you're probably thinking I'm crazy and how could I do that to my daughter! I thought about that too. I didn't do it, I was kidding! She still has all her hair. I thought about it though!
Wednesday night: Luis explained to me at dinner that Felix was squirming and knocked the one clip off the clippers and that's why he had those lines in the front. He didn't fix them, and said they will be less noticable in a couple of days. I was still mad he cut it so short in the first place! Now I can't take him out in public and I have to call and reschedule our family pictures.
(I know it's "wrong", but me and Chone have been calling him cancer boy)


Elissa L. said...

How dare he cut my poparah's hair!!!

Anonymous said...

is ok he a lil boi still...his hair grows fast...he can look like me now!!! then ill take him out for the day and we can be twins! he be my son for that day :)

Mercy Elaine said...

ok, u must take a picture now! i am pictures those m-c hammer lines on the side of his head! hahaha

Anonymous said...

poor baby. you should have put a nude colored swimming cap on lily to scare luis. :) ~pap