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Sunday, February 24, 2008

The last two weeks...

Kissie Lips!
They decided the waters were their table and made chairs to sit around it. Perfect size.
At Woman's Bridal Shower, Felix went around to everyone who had cake and stood there till he was fed some. He had a lot of cake!
Here is Woman opening gifts at her Bridal Shower. It was a great party!
Chone and Phi played dress up. Here is the Phi's outfit...
This is what it looks like when Luis talks to his Mom, in Mexico. Felix has to do everything Luis does.
Luis taught the kids to point with two fingers and click their tounge at people. It's hillarious. Here is Lili doing it with glasses on...
Felix got on the table and started to eat my lunch. He didn't seem to mind it had chile in it.
Before a bath, since they were naked, I had them sit on their potties for the first time without clothes on. Lili actually peed in it!!! After this picture, she picked up the bowl part and threw the pee across the bathroom! Nice one!
For the twin's 1/2 birthday (they are a year and a half now!) they had half a chocolate chip muffin. So Yummy, So Yummy!I dyed Chone's streaks "Flame", which we thought was red, but it turned out orange. It still looks good. She has her first softball game next weekend!
Luis got sick, again! He is feeling better now.
The twins are talking more and signing more. I need to learn new signs to teach them.


Elissa L. said...

oh man your pics had me cracking up!! ANd we are so excited Lili went pee-pee in the potty. I am going to have to make them their own pee-pee charts with stickers!! Love the finger pointing and the kissy lips. But where is the pic of Chonies new hair???