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Tuesday, March 04, 2008


Lili had a nasty ear infection 2 weeks ago. She wasn't in any pain, but she had fluid coming out of her ear. I took her to the Dr and got meds for her and it cleared it up. We went back today to see if she had any damage, like a hole in her eardrum. Luckly, the Dr didnt see any damage. She said if there was a hole, it was healing itself already.

Lili is 26 1/2 pounds now and 31 inches tall.

Felix is 25 pounds and 31 3/4 inches tall.

Lili is still heavier, and Felix is still taller.


Elissa L. said...

alright the phi made me play this about a billion times already!! Lili is a great dancer!!!

Little old me! said...

Hi there you! I am back and finally updating the blog. I am barely at mid-december but will finish soon. The wtins are just adorable, Lili's dancing is soooo cute, I have had to watch it a ton of times with Joey too.