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Friday, December 04, 2009

I have updated my blog and will continue to do so till i catch up. keep looking at older posts. So far I am up to March 2009

Saturday, February 28, 2009


Here is our full bathroom. It's the only shower in the house. The fish wall paper has been there for years and years. After that fish theme we went with another fish theme (see shower curtain).
There's been some little changes and updates over the years.
Same tub since the house was built in 1990.
So my parents decided it was time to redo the bathroom.
We have been spending a lot of time at Home Depot. The twins like the race car carts.
The twins took their last bath in the tub.
Then the remodel began. Luis' cousin is doing the job over the next couple of weeks. So we are without a shower in the house. At least we have our Tios/Neighboors to let us use theirs.

Thursday, February 26, 2009


So Lili comes into my room where me and Angelica and Felix are with scissors in her hand. Me and Angelica take them away from her and find out she can now open the drawer in the desk. So we are all hanging out. I walk out of my room and see hair on the hallway floor. I go to Lili and look through her hair and see that she cut it right in the front. So I decide that she is going to have bangs now. Here is a picture of how it turned out. You can see where she is missing a section of the bangs. At least its not like the time my older sister cut off my eyelashes.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


In February Angelica had a orchesrta performance and had to say bye to her borrowed violin. Tata is getting her a new one that is a little bit bigger than the one from school.
Daddy and Lili took a nap
Felix played in a colorful mess
The twins peeking up at me in their stroller
I got a Valentine's Day surprise!
Felix got to hang out with some guys! This is very unusual for him. Most of the time he is with 3 girls all day.
My Mom finally got her Mercedes! Nice!
The twins celebrated their half birthday (2 1/2)
Three days later Angelica celebrated hers (9 1/2)
On the weekends we cheered on "Lucky number 7" at the softball field.
February was exhausting!

Friday, January 30, 2009


In January we played in the leaves
We got presents in the mail from Tia Lissa
I cut Lili's hair
And the twins played a lot!

Thursday, January 01, 2009

New Years 2009

We celebrated the new year at my parents house in SB. It was a "blue" party and everyone wore blue clothes. My cousin brought all his DJ equipment and Felix tried it out.

Thursday, December 25, 2008


Christmas Eve was spent at Nana and Tata's house, as usual. Tia Angie brought cookies for the kids to decorate.
Santa came and Felix was shy with him.
Lili was terrified and cried.
Once Santa left the kids had fun playing with Sophia. Angelica spent Christmas Eve with her Dad and family.
This is our metal tree we have been using. Hopefully next year we will get a real tree.
We picked up Angelica Christmas morning and headed out to SB.
My parents tree with all the presents on Christmas morning.
We woke everyone up to open presents...

Later we stopped by Tia Elaine's work. The twins liked playing office.