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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Birthday Parties

On Saturday we went to our nephew, Angel's birthday party.

The kids had fun with a clown that made balloons and face painted. I stayed far away with my back turned to him durning his show. Felix was surrounded by girls.

Cassandra and Angelica were cats.

On Sunday the girls got ready and we went to a birthday party for one of my best friend's niece.

It was a princess party and Celeste turned 3.
My friend, Lucia, being the great Tia she is, dressed up as Snow White and entertained the girls

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Caught in the rain

Today Chone had a soccer game at 8am. In the first quarter she almost got 2 goals. She was so close! In the second quarter it started to sprinkle with lightning in the distance. I started to take down the banner just when they stopped all the games. As soon as I got everything and everyone packed up it and started walking to the car, it started to POUR! We all got soaked! By the time we got to the car the twins were both crying and me and Chone had water dripping down our faces! Once everyone was buckled in and all my stuff (banner, chair, stroller) was in the trunk, it calmed down and turned into a sprinkle. If only it would have waited 5 more minutes for us to get in the car. The rest of the games for the day were cancelled. We were just one of the lucky teams who got to play at 8 in the morning for not even half the game. The picture is what Chone looked like, except with ribbons in her longer hair.