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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

First Day of School

Chone started 2nd grade today. She decided that she would go by Maria (her first name) this year. She has always gone by her middle name, Angelica, until now. So I guess she will be known as both Angelica and Maria. At home she is Angelica, at school she is Maria, at soccer she is Angelica, and at catechism she is Maria Angelica. How does she keep track? Her first assingment was to draw things she did during the summer. She said she was going to draw going to the lake with her Dad, watching TV, and riding her scooter. She had some friends in her class, so I was comfortable leaving her on her first day of school. Next year she will be going to a new school for 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders. I know she will do great this year like she always does.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

First Bath

The twins got their first bath at home today. They screamed their heads off, but were very relaxed and awake afterwards. Felix is the one with his hand in his mouth, and Lili is crying. They still have their umbilical cords, so they only get a sponge bath for now. Even though they are newborns, they still get their hair washed because they have so much of it! I was hoping they would have curly hair like Chone, but I guess she got it from her Dad, cause these babies have straight hair. After their bath we put them next to each other in thier crib and they looked at each other for a few seconds. I wonder if they each know who the other is? Chone says she wants a twin. I think it would be cool. What about Tia Mary and Josie, or Erika Darling and Pepe. Do they like having a twin and being a twin? I bet they do. I think someone else in the family will have twins, but who?

Saturday, August 26, 2006

It's Party Time!

The day after we came home from the hospital, Chone had her party. My AWESOME sisters took care of the whole Build-A-Bear Party at the mall. The kids had a great time making their stuffed animals. Then back home and we had a few people over for pizza and cake. Chone got a lot of Littlest Pet Shop toys and clothes (for school). I know she was feeling a little out of it with the babies coming home and everything. So I was glad she had a day for her. She turned 7 and will be starting 2nd grade next week. I can't believe how big she is.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Going Home on Chone's Birthday

We were in the hospital for what seemed like forever. Lots of people came out to visit us and the twins. Thanks to all of you how came to see us. The babies were doing great. They just kept having to be poked to get their jaundice levels checked. I was so glad I had two healthy babies that could stay with me in my room and come home with me. I was also recovering from the c-section. It was a lot harder than I thought it would be. The hardest thing was to get up out of bed. The nurses wanted me to walk around, I didn't want to, but I started to feel better once I took their advice and took little walks down the hall. The babies finally got their names after a couple of days. We named our son Felix Manuel after our Dads, and our daughter Liliana Raquel. Raquel is Luis' Mom's name, my Grandma's name, and my sister's middle name. Liliana we just liked. It was so hard to name them. I was glad when they finally had names. Felix got a nickname before we even left the hospital. Luis combed his hair like Alphalfa from the Little Rascals. We had recently watched the movie, and Chone would always say Alphalfin, instead of Alphalfa when she would talk about it. So I started to call him Alphalfin, and it stuck.

They were born on a Tuesday, and we got to go home on Friday. It was so different from when Chone was born. I remember being so nervous to take her home. What if she cried!! But even though there was two of them, I wanted to have my babies home. While Luis took everything to the car, I got the babies ready in their pink and blue outfits from Tia Elaine. They looked so cute.
So we went home to meet up with Chone. My AWESOME sister Lisa watched her the whole time we were in the hospital and brought her to visit us every day. Thanks again! We got some cupcakes and sang Happy Birthday to a new 7 year old.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Today's the Day!

I went out for another doctor's appointment at 37weeks. They noticed baby B's heart rate went down, then back up. So they were going to send me to the hospital to be monitored to make sure everything was ok. Then they checked me and I was almost 4cm dialated. It was just me and Chone, and they almost didn't let me drive myself to the hospital. I called Luis and Elaine to come to the hospital. Even though Elaine was farther away, she got there first. We met Luis and they monitored me and did an ultrasound to see how the babies were positioned. Baby A (girl) had her feet down, so they said I would have to have a c-section. They said it would be a few hours. I couldn't believe I was finally going to see my babies!

My daughter was born on August 22, 2006 at 4:18pm weighing 5lbs. 14oz, and my son at 4:20pm weighing 5lbs 7oz. They both had apgar scores of 9 at birth. One of the doctors said he had never seen twins that both had 9's. I got to see the babies up close for a few seconds. I had a great anesthesiologist that took some pictures for us in the operating room. Here is Luis with the babies.

I was in recovery until about 8 because they couldn't get me a room. I was so happy when they took me to my room, I wanted to see my babies. When I got to my room they said they would bring the babies in a while cause they were still doing test and stuff. (Which I don't understand since it had been 4 hours since they were born) So all my visitors came in to say bye since visiting hours were over. Some of them didn't even get to see the twins. Thank you everyone who came out to the hospital that day! I felt the love! A little after 9 they finally brought in my babies to me. They were so cute and tiny!! I couldn't believe they were finally here!!

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Twins!!! August 2006

Here is my first ultrasound of the twins. We found out there were 2 babies in March. I was 13 weeks pregnant. It was a BIG and wonderful surprise! These two little aliens grew and grew over the months. We found out they were a boy and a girl in April. We were very excited!

Here I am with Chone at 8 months pregnant. This was about the time that I was ready to not be pregnant anymore. The pregnancy was a little harder than it was with Chone, but no morning sickness again :) I only got a little bigger than I was with Chone. We were ready to welcome the babies into the family, and give our parents their first grandson.