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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Soccer Saturday

Chone's soccer team had pictures today. I'm team mom, so I got to be in the picture. Two girls were not there, and yes, her coach is like 18.

During the first half, Chone was goalie. She did really good!

In the second half she was forward and scored 3 goals!!! It was her teams best game so far and Chone was the star player!

Felix squirmed out of the stroller, so we let him walk around. He was kicking soccer balls around on the side of the field

We let Lili out of the stroller to be fair, and she crawled around on the grass.

It was a nice soccer saturday.

Friday, September 28, 2007

I see you!!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Happy Birthday Elaine!!!

Happy 22nd Birthday to Elaine!
Hope you get better soon so we can play beer pong and get drunk again!
Love~ your sister with lots of kids

TP Towers

After our trip to Costco I decided to have some fun with the 1,000 rolls of tp we bought. I built a tower...
then the twins knocked it down.
Chone built a tower, too.....
then the twins knocked it down, too.
Lili thought this was extremly funny, knocking down tp towers.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Video Time

Here are the twins playing around after taking a bath, that's why Lili's hair is in her face. In the video Felix says Lili and Luis. When I ask him, "Where's Daddy?" he calls for Luis, not Daddy or Papa. He also yells for Chone sometimes, but not in the video. You can see how good Felix is walking now. It long, like 4 minutes, so watch it when you have some time.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Self Portrait

Felix was playing with my camera and took a picture of himself. He used the flash and everything. When it went off, he looked up at me and Luis like, "What was that?"

Friday, September 21, 2007

First Steps, Dinner, and Build-A-Bear

Felix is a walking fool now, but Lili is not far behind. She took her first steps yesterday, on Daddy's birthday! I was getting them ready to go out to dinner and she took 2 steps to me! I guess she didn't know what else to get Luis for his birthday.
On the way to California Pizza Kitchen, Luis saw Famous Dave's, and we ended up there. It was all of our first time there, and it was good! The babies loved the corn cobs, me and Luis had already eaten the corn. We did give them some when we were eating it, we aren't that mean!
We got this a brownie thing for desert. It was nice and warm, but between Luis, me, and Chone, we couldn't even finish it! It had Kahlua on it. When I told Chone, she said, "Do you think I'm ganna throw up?" She is so afraid of alcohol!
Today after school, me and the kids headed out to the T.O. mall. We had $25 in gift cards from Build-A-Bear to spend. Chone got a harry potter wizard costume for her build-a-bears. Me and Chone decided it was time for the twins to have their own. I was showing them the different dolls (the cheap ones), and they both were loving the dog, so they got the same one. It was their choice, not mine! Chone helped to get them stuffed and rubbed the heart on the twins nose and forehead and made a wish for each twin. She wished that the dolls would be perfect for them. I named Felix's Ruff and Chone named Lili's Dots. I put their initial on the tag so we know which is which. (When we left the mall it was raining! I hate to drive in the rain!) When we got home they got to take them out of the box.
Lili has this new thing of hugging stuff. It's really cute. She was even hugging a bag of wipes the other day. What a wierdo!
Felix was really amused with the box cause it had a little door that opened on one side.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Happy 25th Birthday!

Happy Birthday Luis! To an awesome Dad and the best husband I've ever had! (not that I've had any others)
Even though back to school night happened to fall on his birthday, we are going to take him out to dinner afterwards.

Elaine's car accident

No, this isn't a picture of Elaine's crash, but it was something like this. As many of you know, Elaine and Mikey were in an accident on the 9th. She had to spend 5 days in the hospital, but is going to be fine. She had a brain contusion and bleeding, 2 fractured vertebrae, 2 broken ribs, air pockets in her lungs, and cuts on her arms, hands, and feet. They were all minor enough that she did not need any surgery and they just need time to heal. Thank God! She is home now recovering. She has to wear a neck brace and take it easy. She can't go to work or school yet. We wish her a fast recovery and for the pain to lessen each day. We are so glad that her and Mikey are okay, and that Mikey was there to take care of her.

For more info and a picture of the actual car, here is her blog... http://mercyelaine.blogspot.com/

Driving Me Crazy!!!

The twins are driving me CRAZY!!!
They are getting into everything lately. I had to block off the drawer where I keep my files. Felix thought it was just perfect for him to reach the computer and everything on my desk. He is standing on an ottaman that moves, so he can fall any second!We now need to put child locks on the drawers in the kitchen. They pull out the spoons and forks and other kitchen utensils. Lili's favorite is the red chop sticks. I keep finding them all over the house.
Then this morning I had turned the kids to see the fishies (they have really been loving the fishies lately). I took Lili out cause she was all done (ata ata) and left Felix to enjoy his cheerios and the fish. I look up a few minutes later to see him doing this...

I couldn't belive it!!! He is so crazy! I guess this is what having a boy is like! I shouldn't say that, the Phi was the same way. So it's going to be mandatory straps in all seats for him now, which I should have been doing anyway. :)

They also like to unplug things. I have had to put an end table under the desk, put a fan in the garage, and move the tv and stand over about 6 inches. I don't even allow them in my room anymore until I move it around and make it baby safe. And bathrooms are off limits, too! Felix had shown Lili the fun of splashing in the toilet, and I don't even want to deal with that! I told them they can play in the bathroom when they're potty trained! Oh, they also like to sit on the bottom shelf of the backers rack in the kitchen. They are seriously into EVERYTHING!!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Milk Mustache

Luis was home from work sick, so he made aroz con leche, or leche de aroz, whatever it's called! He was having some before bed and gave Felix some. Talk about a milk mustache!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Chone's old shoes

The kids were playing in the twins room after a bath, and Felix wanted to put on Chone's old adidas' that Tia Lisa had gotten her for Xmas a long time ago. So I put them on him, who cares if they have pink strips! He walked in them...
Then fell...
But thought he was super cool anyways, cause he had shoes on!

Monday, September 10, 2007

So Funny!!

I guess Chone is the most hillarious person in the world, cause the twins think so. This was the day after the twins turned one, and Felix took his first steps that day! Now we got a walker!

Thursday, September 06, 2007


Chone is the oldest on her team this year, but she is also the best one. I think it's cause this is her fourth year of playing soccer. At her practices the twins get to watch from the stroller as I try to entertain them so they don't want to get out and crawl around.

Here is Lili saying more and all done (ata, ata) and doing her sign language. Felix signs more, but only says boo.