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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Twins!!! August 2006

Here is my first ultrasound of the twins. We found out there were 2 babies in March. I was 13 weeks pregnant. It was a BIG and wonderful surprise! These two little aliens grew and grew over the months. We found out they were a boy and a girl in April. We were very excited!

Here I am with Chone at 8 months pregnant. This was about the time that I was ready to not be pregnant anymore. The pregnancy was a little harder than it was with Chone, but no morning sickness again :) I only got a little bigger than I was with Chone. We were ready to welcome the babies into the family, and give our parents their first grandson.


Little old me! said...

What the heck my belly was bigger and I only had one tiny 5lb 12oz baby! That sucks but you look great!

Mercy Elaine said...

let me tell my story about hearing the news of twins...
i was at work (kindercare) and i was waiting for cari to come back and let me know how the ultrasound went. i just wanted to see the cute pic of the baby...maybe find out boy or girl.
so im in my classroom celebrating one of my kids 2nd birthday, cupcakes and mom taking pictures when i see luis and chone and then cari out my window. she brings in the pic and i get excited to see the baby. then i do a total double take and realize clear as day that there are 2! i couldnt believe it. of course there was crying, i might have scared my kids for a second. i will never forget that day