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Saturday, October 21, 2006

The Pumpkin Patch

Right off the bat, Chonie won a mini pumpkin. Then she played another game and won another one. So she gave them to the twins.
We flung tomatoes with a big sling shot!
We went through the corn maze. It took us a while. They had some cute signs up, like this one.
Picture Time!!
It was very hot, but very windy!! The twins almost slept the whole time.
One more foot and you'll be the same size as Nana!
The twins' first picture being measured at the pumpkin patch. Not even 2 feet yet!! Shorties!!
Chone got her face painted. Way cool!!
And of course we got on the hay ride. We had a good time, but missed Lisa and Sophia! Hopefully next year we will all be there. This year it was Mom, Me, Elaine, Chone, and the twins. The men stayed home and worked on the wall they are building.