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Monday, January 01, 2007

New Years 2007

We went to SB for new years 2007
We played cards, Yahnztee, and had fun. Everyone drank, except the kids & ME!! Mom and Dad went out, but came back a little after midnight.
It was: Me, Luis, Chone, Felix, Lili, Elaine, Sam, Lisa, Joey, Phi, Tommy, Patty, Jovan, Rosie, Mom, and Dad.

Here is Patty with the Chone and Phi

Here is me and my girls

The twins on their first New Years!!


Little old me! said...

The twins are so big! I ran back to the car after my mad dash at Traget last night and told Christian I saw you and he told me "don't the twins look just like Luis?" Truly they are so stinckin' cute! By the way Our family pictures came out amazing! the kids did so well even though we were kept waiting for almost 45 minutes! The whole thing was free and you get a free 8x10 but of course me, we spent $180.00 but Christian was actually excited. He said it was the best almost $200. he's ever spent. THe pictures are coming soon I will show them to you -k-