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Thursday, April 05, 2007

We Got Married!!

We got married in a small cubicle at the courthouse.

Here is a picture of my family and parents. My parents were our witnesses.

Here is a picture of the whole family. It used to be just 5 of us! Wow, we are growing!
Thank you for everyone who came to the ceremony: Mom & Dad, Lisa, Joey, Phi, Elaine, my kids (not that they had a choice), T Angie, T Ruth, T Mary, and my new cousin in law Susy.
Thank you for everyone who came and had cake with us that night. It made it special for us to have the family over to celebrate.


Anonymous said...

sorry i missed the event, i will not miss the wedding. congrats, love you~ woman

Elissa L. said...

what a great looking family we are!!

Rocky's Mama said...

Luis looks like the odd man out b/c he doesn't have a full beard!