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Friday, July 27, 2007


I can't believe I am finally done! Don't get me wrong. I loved that I was able to feed the twins for 11 months. I stopped with Chone at about 9 months cause she got teeth and started biting. Since Lili had teeth at 4 months, I stuck through the biting with the twins, but after mastasis 2x, and both of them still waking up multiple times to breastfeed at night.... it was time. The last couple months they were having more and more formula. I tried to wean them slowly cause they were so addicted to breastfeeding. They have also been slowly weaning to whole milk and doing good with it. They have their own room now, and are sleeping through the night! I wake up in the morning and can't believe I got to sleep all night! It's amazing!! They are really turning into toddlers. No walking yet, but they still get into everything! I guess the next step is to transition them from bottle to sippy cups. I'll wait until after Bass Lake for that one. (8 more days!)


Rocky's Mama said...

congrats on the sleeping in...big accomplishment!!!