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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Family Traditions

Ever year at Christmas time we would put up our nativity set (nacimiento). When my parents moved to SB I got the one that was here at the house. I saw this (picture below) online and wanted it for the kids. So I ordered it and some other Xmas presents. I probably won't take out the real one this year since the twins will probably break something. For the same reason we have the outdoor white metal/white light tree up in the livingroom. I hope next year we can have a real tree and the real nacimiento up. Oh, and we also have a gingerbread nativity kit we are going to do. It's like those gingerbread house kits, but a nacimiento.
Chone hid the baby Jesus, that's why it's not in the picture.
Here are Lili and Felix playing with it. See our sad tree in the background.
Inspired by Elaine's cakes, Chone wanted to make one of her own. Since I made her come to the grocery store with me, I told her I would buy her one thing. She picked cake mix. It's a three layer French Vanilla cake with Cream Cheese frosting! Yum!
(Elaine, we found some of your old cake stuff here at the house)


Mercy Elaine said...

oo what stuff did u find? i might want it back!