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Saturday, June 07, 2008

My 28th Birthday

My birthday started out with me making the kids pancakes, since Luis was at work. As we ate pancakes, I looked around the table and saw how lucky I was to have my 3 wonderful kids! Then my parents took me and Chone out shopping, while Luis and Elaine stayed home with the twins and played guitar hero. I got a lot of cute tops and shorts for the summer (Bass Lake). Thank you Mom & Dad!
Then we met up with the whole family and had dinner at Don Cuco's. Thanks Lisa, Joey, and Day-day for coming so far to celebrate with me, and for the cute purse and shot glass! It was the first time I have gone there, and the food and drinks were good. Thanks Mom & Dad for dinner! Then we came home for this awesome cake Elaine made for me. Everything is edible and make by her. Amazing, huh! Thanks Elaine! The kids played with the dog and the adults played guitar hero. Tia Mary, Tio Miguel, Mikey and Bubbs came over too. Thank you guys for the beautiful necklace! Then me and Chone when to get my free rental at Hollywood Video (since it was my birthday) and watched 27 dresses while the twins and Luis went to bed. When we finally went to sleep it wasn't my birthday anymore, but I had a great day!


Little old me! said...

Happy Birthday! how have you been? I finally updated my blog. The twins are so adorable you seriously make me want some.