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Thursday, July 17, 2008


We grilled some food on my Dad's grill that's in the back yard and sat down for dinner. Luis gave the twins a piece of a grilled mexican onion to eat. Well, they decided that they went better on their fingers than in their mouths.

You may have noticed we took the trays off the highchair and booster chair. It is working out okay so far, except when they use their feet to push away from the table. And the mess. And playing with their trays. And Felix likes to put his feet up on the table when we are eating, and of course Lili copies him. So we are constantly saying "Feet Down" while we eat dinner. I guess it's not working out okay so far!
I guess I've just gotten used to the craziness of twins and see it as normal now.


Elissa L. said...

dude, bungie cord the chairs to the table then they cant push away or put their feet up!