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Saturday, August 09, 2008

The Fair

We went to the fair and had a great time. Of course we ran into family there. We saw Tio Grande, Nina Grace, Pepe, Erika, & Marissa.
We tried to put the twins on some little rides, but after a spin on the helicopters, and they both cried thier eyes out, we decided to try again next year. I was so glad Luis got on with them and not me!

Me & Chone got went on a fun house with the mirror maze and a twisty slide.

Chone is like me and likes fair rides. She got on that boat that goes back and forth and your stomach goes up to your throat. She is the one with her mouth wide open from screaming!
Luis was so excited when we saw Obama! He just had to take a picture of him. We actually saw McCain too, but Chone was to shy to get a picture with him.


Elissa L. said...

Dang if I had a family picture with Obama it would have totally been our Xmas card!