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Monday, December 25, 2006

X mas morning

Chone got the American Girl doll she wanted from Nana & Tata

Phi is totally lounging in her new chair, with ottoman
Dad got a rifle he picked out from Mom
Me and my sisters all got books from our parents with some nice, much needed, $bookmarks$.
I loved all the presents we got, and I hope everyone liked theirs too. The best present I got was the flannel bed sheets from the Lisa & Joey, since the babies are always peeing on my bed! The best present we gave was a rooster and chickens for my Dad. (We actually haven't gotten them yet, cause a lot of people don't sell them until Feb. or March)
Lili tried Phi's chair
Chone tried the twins new stroller with her new twin
Felix was sleepy, and almost slept through all of X mas morning
It was another great X mas morning in SB. I picked up Chone from her Dad's at 2 in the morning on our way from (Big)Nana's to my parents house. It was nice having everyone together for X mas morning, now that there are so many of us.