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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Tia's headband

This is what happens when you're the first little boy in the family. I knew I wanted a son, but now that I have one I don't know what to do with him. What happened was Elaine forgot her headband at our parents house, so when we left Mom asked me to bring it to her. When we got home and put the babies in the house, I put the headband on Felix cause it would be funny. He looked so cute! Luis came in and was like "What! Why do you do that stuff to him." I have to admit I've put clips in his hair before. I knew this would happen when the first little boy was brought into our family of all girls (except Dad and the husbands). I kind of feel bad posting this because then this picture will show up when he is about 16 years old and Lili will make fun of him! At least I know if he wants to have a sex change he'll make a cute girl.


Little old me! said...

Ha-ha! That is so funny You know Christian reacted the same way with Joey when I put a chongo in his hair. He was such a cute girl but Christian freaked out. He didn't think that was at all funny. Little Christian on the other had was an ugly little girl, beautiful boy but ugly girl! But I still want a girl!

Anonymous said...

i love it!!~woman