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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Great Party

For my Tio Grande's 50th birthday they had a party at the park. It was a great party. They had a western theme and a lot of people dressed the part. Felix tried a strawberry for the first time. One of my cousins did some dancing for her Dad, with one of her cousins. It was awesome! She learned the dance in 1 week!

The twins got to try on some cowboy hats. Of coure Lili cried because of her stranger anxiety, which is normal for her age. She only cried once in a while cause we were outside. My cousin Meli wanted to hold her, and she was fine! Meli must have the magic touch, cause Lili was as calm and happy as can be with her. My niece, the Phi, also likes Meli. She is usually shy around people she doesn't know, but she hugs Meli and "talks" to her in her crazy language. Meli even got the Phi to say Mama, and she never says that for anyone!

Lili got to try the slide. (Right after we took the picture she threw up on Luis' arm. That's Luis in his cowboy gear.) The twins didn't really have western wear, but they wore their Levi's pants & jacket.

Happy 50th Birthday Tio! It was a great party!