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Thursday, June 14, 2007

For Tia Elaine

Since Elaine is having twins withdrawls, she told me to post some pics of the babies. Here is what they have been up to so far in June...
We moved the furniture around the living room a little so their play mat is in the corner and more out of the way (like they ever stay on it!!).
Here is the return of Alphalfin! They take their bath after dinner, that's why his face is all dirty. They have been eating more and more table food. Elaine, doesn't he remind you of The Pest?
Lili eating Chone's bratz mermaid toy, shhh don't tell her!

A proud moment! Even though most babies can do this at 5 months, my kids are just learning to hold their own bottles and actually drink out of them. I guess that's what happens when you only breastfeed for soooo long.
Lili gets hot and sweaty on her head under all that hair, and since Luis won't shave her head, I tried to put it all up. It looked real cute, for about 3 minutes!


Elissa L. said...

ONG Lili is so freakin cute! You should just put her hair in a bunch of little ponytails! We need to teach Felix how to sing "I like to party with my peeps..."

Mercy Elaine said...

haha he does look like the pest... and like Luis so much in that picture.

Little old me! said...

I can't even tell you just how cute your twins are. And how funny Christian did that to little Christian a couple of times, where he shaved his head after he F*%# up. That is why he is not allowed anywhere near The Fatso's hair. I bet you anything if I had a girl, Christian and I would end up divorced, because I would have to cut her hair and he would then have to leave me.