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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Never give a baby an apple!!

This happened a while ago, but I thought I'd share the story. We met Luis in Oxnard some time during the week before Mother's Day. We decided to go eat and then we headed home in our seperate cars. Of course Luis helped me put the kids in the car, since there are three of them. Well for some reason Chone decided to sit in the back seat. I'm driving and Lili starts coughing. I ask Chone if Lili is okay and she tells me, "She's eating a rotten apple!" I think, "What, where did she get that!" I know that me and Chone are always eating fruit in the car and usually leave the apple cores or banana peels in the car, but not in the back seat. Lili continues to cough/coke. I'm driving and look for a place to pull over as Chone says, "She threw up!" So I pull into some parking lot and stop, get off the car, and open the back seat door to see Lili with throw up all over the car seat straps, but she is okay. I clean her up and see that she has the full apple that I had put in the car in case me or Chone needed a snack. It has a big chunk missing (see picture). I call Luis and ask him why he gave Lili an apple?!?! I tell him she bit a piece off and choked and threw up! That I had to pull over off the road! He tells me, in spanish of course, "I didn't give it to Lili, I gave it to Felix." Are you kidding me!!!!!!! Okay, Felix doesn't have teeth, but Lili's car seat is right next to him and she takes everything away from him! He knows that! He says sorry, and I take a deep breath and count to three. I know guys/new dads dont think of these things all the time, or hardly ever. I remember to be glad that everyone is okay and that the parking lot was right there when I needed it. Close call.


Mercy Elaine said...

u need to blog with pictures of the babies. im dying over here not seeing them

Little old me! said...

UGH!! Christian did that to me with little Christian when he was a baby. He was 7 months old and although he had 8 teeth already, he still couldn't chew quite right. Big Christian though, thought he could have a Doritos Tortilla chip!
Then Freaked out and freaks me out when he brought my baby half purple and blue for me to fish out what he was chocking on. Like you said though thank God evetrything turned out okay, nobody got hurt not even Big Christian!