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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Driving Me Crazy!!!

The twins are driving me CRAZY!!!
They are getting into everything lately. I had to block off the drawer where I keep my files. Felix thought it was just perfect for him to reach the computer and everything on my desk. He is standing on an ottaman that moves, so he can fall any second!We now need to put child locks on the drawers in the kitchen. They pull out the spoons and forks and other kitchen utensils. Lili's favorite is the red chop sticks. I keep finding them all over the house.
Then this morning I had turned the kids to see the fishies (they have really been loving the fishies lately). I took Lili out cause she was all done (ata ata) and left Felix to enjoy his cheerios and the fish. I look up a few minutes later to see him doing this...

I couldn't belive it!!! He is so crazy! I guess this is what having a boy is like! I shouldn't say that, the Phi was the same way. So it's going to be mandatory straps in all seats for him now, which I should have been doing anyway. :)

They also like to unplug things. I have had to put an end table under the desk, put a fan in the garage, and move the tv and stand over about 6 inches. I don't even allow them in my room anymore until I move it around and make it baby safe. And bathrooms are off limits, too! Felix had shown Lili the fun of splashing in the toilet, and I don't even want to deal with that! I told them they can play in the bathroom when they're potty trained! Oh, they also like to sit on the bottom shelf of the backers rack in the kitchen. They are seriously into EVERYTHING!!


Elissa L. said...

Sophia is crazy, but I never caught her on the tray of her high chair!!!

Anonymous said...

felix looks like a super duper flying trapeeze artist in that getup and on that tray!