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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Ash Wednesday

We went to get "ashed", as Chone would say, tonight. To tell the truth, it felt weird going into our church, I hadn't been there for soooo long. We went to the Spanish service, so we saw half the people from our neighborhood and Chone was related to the other half. It felt good afterwards. I was inspired to take Chone to church on the Sundays that she is not with her Dad. She needs to learn what to do during the parts of church, you know, when to stand, sit, kneel, what to say and when. Her first communion is coming up fast. (April 28th I believe) As for lent, I an not starting till next Wednesday, cause I counted, and that would be 40 days before Easter. I want to give up yelling (especially at Chone), when I told her she said, "Ya, like that will happen!" Now you see why I yell at her!


Little old me! said...

We werent able to go to church because once again Little Christian got Pneumonia. He was the sickest on Wed & thursday so we couldn't go but we still got ashed by my mom. Did the twins get ashed too?

Little old me! said...
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Anonymous said...

ay my mamas, got to love her. ~woman