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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

We have grass!!!

After coming home to a yard that made me feel like I was in Tijuana, we finally have grass!!! They pulled it out months ago, but then started other projects like putting cement and stuff. Finally we have a yard that is so green! No more all brown, I get depressed when I look outside yard! This what it looked like when they started to put in the grass in the back yard.

A few hours and a lot of hard work later...

The front yard looks awesome, too! I love to open my front door now and look out! Now I need to get some plants planted along the edge to add some color.

Thank you to my parents and Luis for working so hard all weekend to put in our grass!

Tio Miguel was also working hard. He helped dig some trenches for the sprinklers that needed to be added, and put in a light, a switch, and an outlet on the back patio. I didn't know he was such an electrician (that was one of Chone's spelling words this week)! Thank you Tio!


Little old me! said...

Your yard looks awesome! By the way are those turtles and fish along your back wall? Anyway, I want to get a house and work on a yard for the kids. Hopefully that will happen soon.